evolution of a studio in the north…

Studio B new green screen

Well its been on the cards for a while and yes, yes, I know there are probably much more studios around here that offer the same service. However, as is our way, it will be delivered to you, our clients and friends of the studio with a whole new way. This year sees Slaughterhouse Studios Ltd move into offering production facilitation in a bigger way we did last year. With clients in the sportswear fashion brand sector amongst others, it was a decision  inspired by one of our cherished clients and photographer. He had a terrible experience in a green screen studio last year and – as they say – the rest is history.

So without further waffle and flannel, may I present our very own (annexed) Green Screen Studio

80 square meters and fully loaded sound proofed, state of the art, with all the modern conveniences one would expect in 2013

Call now for details

0161 745 4232

There is so much more I want to tell you about the changes here at the studio, but only our clients get to know this..

You know what to do.


stop, collaborate and listen…..

There comes a time in every modern business when the people running it stop, take a moment to look around, and with an increasingly critical eye on what they have created make a discovery that they have missed out on an opportunity to change something. Something that has not been too much of a priority until now. Namely – the website. I know a few of you like the web site, often most of you thought nothing much about it other than gaining contact with us here and taking the chance to see the studios and if they would be suitable for a brief.

But so much has happened here behind the scenes of Slaughterhouse Studios since we opened for business in 2010. So many talented and inspiring people have crossed the threshold and allowed us to be part of the process in delivering global campaigns, portrait series for exhibition and TV ads – to name but a few.

Needless to say, the years have been full of education, joy and pain, but for all the ups and downs, we can be secure in our conviction when we say “it has been a blast and we look forward to the future”.

So to celebrate our next chapter and extend our reach, we at the studio are happy to announce a new site, one that will cover everything we do here, all the services that can be use to take a lot of the pain away from any client brief, any project management, any production, both stills and moving image.

Anything you need doing to put a brand new production together, anything you need supplying to deliver a stills campaign or one off shoot of anyone or anything, then take a look at the new site, pick up the phone or email us any time.

We have the solution to your brief.

We look forward to your call.

Ian & Sid

Click below to take the tour…..


The other 49 shades of grey..

© Satoshi Minakawa c/o BLUNT London 2011

Well it has been a while since my last addition to the company blog and with a very busy few months in the studio and on location, its yet another rainy Monday morning that inspired me to tell the world of the fun and games we have had in the Slaughterhouse.

To have some of the greats of British photography bless us with their presence, inspirational Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes and to finally start to see the nations billboards be decorated in work done in the studio, it reminds me why we do what we do here in Manchester.

Para-Olympic Cyclist gold medalist hope Jon-Allan Butterworth, Profs Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw, Terry O’Neill, Littlewoods, BBC, ITV, FA, MUFC…the list is growing and with all the best names. The current Sky ads seen around every city street and airport lounge, broadsheet newspaper and bus shelter were also shot in my studio, particular favourites are the Victoria Pendleton (not shot in Photolink, as they would have you think), and Euan Burton (Judo), Jody Cundy (Para-Olympic Cycling) and Aaron Cook (Tae Kwon Do). Inspirational people one and all, it is not until you get to understand fully what it is to be an athlete under the scrutiny of the whole world as well as the Olympic Committee, sponsorship deals and agencies all wanting a bit of you…it’s no wonder so many of them are retiring this year.

So, this month and into the second half of the year, what’s happening out there and in here? Well Cambo have opened up a new shop in The Sharp Project, Manchester. If you are at all interested or require a new camera for interior, architectural or landscape photography, a state of the art still life table or some wonderful bits of kit that can turn any lowly 5D Mk2 into a phenomenal shift camera, then get in touch with Charles and see what he can offer you.

I also – finally – had the chance to meet Tim Bilsborough at Eposure, Manchester’s most recent business primed to expose photographers to the best and most relevant markets. The blog Tim has been writing is something I have followed for some time now and to see just how effective their business has quickly become is testament to just how important their service is to all NW Commercial Photographers. Don’t delay, sign up today – http://eposure.com/

The news about the studio here..well we have a new look website coming up soon, location photography and production facility arms of the company are coming along nicely with clients such as JCB and CAT Finnings showing great interest in working with us; a 12 month project with a very talented photographer based here in the city of Manchester is starting very soon and seeing some old faces coming back to the North, it seems that the lure of better quality of service and affordability of Manchester Studios is starting to be seen by many in London as a better way to run a business. It also proves that the service and facilities here at Slaughterhouse Studios are fitting the bill with our UK and International clients, putting Manchester on the map for bigger photographic advertising campaigns and many more high brow photographers.

Here’s to the future my friends. And hopefully some sunshine this month……

Papa x

putting a bit more thought into photography, rather than just shooting girls with their asses hanging out….

Ⓒ Layla Regan/Layla Sailor 2011 (all rights reserved – copying this image is through pain of death)

For some time now, I have been following the growing talents of one young lady based up here in Manchester, not London, Paris or New York; Berlin or Amsterdam, but the style in which she executes her craft you would be mistaken for thinking that she was waking up to views of the Sacre Coeur as apposed to the stilted and uninspiring towers of a city so many people consider a barren wasteland of talentless autonomous fools.

Layla “Sailor” Regan is just that person bucking those trends. She has no portfolio crammed with images of posturing Footballers or tenuous Pop Stars precariously holding on to what credibility they may have left, legs open wide, a suggestion of naked breast and/or a toned six pack…no – none of that will you find in her book. [Thankfully]

Layla’s story is as varied as her work, finding inspiration from classic French artists to obscure 1930’s Russian and Japanese film makers. Her photographic skills rise to each challenge she sets herself – as yet no one has given her something she could not deal with in her own inimitable way. Recently she has been entertaining the West Coast American client Whitney Eve, you can see her current jewellery campaign, all of which was shot by Layla, not the usual key light, still life, black drape cliche here. [again, thankfully]

It is her own work that she toils over and fights with on a regular monthly basis here at the Slaughterhouse that really gets her noticed, last month Layla had her work exhibited in Paris and has been contacted by numerous glossy fashion tomes from around the world.

Great things are destined to happen to this young and talented girl from the north.

Your support and interest is welcome.

She will be doing a lot more here at the studio very soon, more news to follow….


Layla Sailor


Layla Sailor

A busy weekend….

The beginning of any month is a busy time in the studio, but never has that been so apparent until now.

With the Focus show on at the NEC from Sunday until Thursday, I foresee a lot of hype around new shiny kit for those of you who get a little bit misty over this kind of thing. Personally I would be going to see a few superstars of the world of Photography.

First port of call for anyone has t be our favourite photographer and self confessed TV Glitch, Perou. He is going to be there on Sunday and Monday I am led to believe.

Secondly, you all need to make a trail to the PhaseOne stand and see their new video shot in my studio while Nathan Damour shot a fashion editorial for Professional Photography Magazine last month in the new IQ180 camera. Believe the hype, it really is that good.

And finally, if you are in any way interested in a world wide recognised brand that comes from a small village not 20 miles from my studio, has born the brunt of many bust economies and is now looking forward to introducing new technologies in analogue photography, take a look at the Ilford stand, you may on closer inspection see some work being shot in my studio with Pete Defty as part of a collaborative portrait project here.

So show some support for photographers as much as the brands exhibiting at the show this year. It proves to be a good year for us all.

But for those who are no anywhere near Birmingham, enjoy the weekend. It is headlong into Spring now, the evenings are getting longer, the mornings are catching me off guard as its first light before my alarm now, so I expect a whole world of colour over the coming weeks.

I have a lot to share with you this month, new events, new dates for your diary, and new and exciting projects and developments you can all benefit from. All this to follow (mainly as it’s so damned busy here today).

Papa x


Shooting fashion with the IQ180 at Slaughterhouse Studios


hidden costs…..