Blending Education LLC was founded to help educators easily implement blended learning into their course, program, faculty or school, thus saving time, cutting costs and minimizing effort. We’ve accomplished this by creating self-grading, portable, Microlearning resources that educators can easily upload to their existing Learning Management System (LMS), to complement their teaching. Students access these resources on computers, tablets or smartphones for truly anytime, anywhere learning. We believe that resources should be cost-neutral, and not tied to any platform or subscription requirement. Therefore, all of our products are purchased for a one-time cost and licensed to be reusable on unlimited students, for free, forever.

Our products help solve an intractable educational problem: How do we provide exceptional educational content to students while at the same time saving money and teachers’ valuable time? Due to the predominance of educational content being generated through our partner and other sources, our product offerings will continue to increase and will be scalable on a national and international level. Building additional collaborations and partnerships with organizations will help us develop further content and other products and services. We will install all our robust product lines that are market-fit and make gradual improvements through product iterations based on user feedback and our own progressive re-designs to suit market needs. We will expand our workforce by employing highly skilled people to continue to build on the reputation of the company. Scalability is a mindset as much as a practical move, and by following these expansion plans we are free to unleash our dreams and have fun doing it.

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