At the heart of my business lies a fierce and uncompromising commitment to quality, and the art of delivering excellent educational resources.

In the current economic climate, educational institutions are naturally looking to minimize cost. However, it remains very important that staff are supported and students are taught at a progressively high standard. We believe Microlearning is a particularly effective way of achieving high-quality and cost-effective methods of learning and can enable improved interactive and sustainable learning.

Our goal is to free up time for teachers to allow them to do the job they love, and not to be buried under paperwork and administration duties, while at the same time fulfilling students’ learning needs and desire for immediate feedback. We think that happy students will result in happy teachers and parents. Happy teachers, parents and students will result in happy administrators. If our products can solve problems and meet the needs of everyone who uses them, then we’ll know that we are indeed doing something truly special. 

Our products are completely online, therefore they reach out to the end users through the security of their LMS, which is available 24hrs a day. Our products follow Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) standards for common navigation features, such as buttons, links and forms. Learners can navigate our Microlearning products entirely with their keyboards, and we also use alternative text for images. We are also working on full screen reader support. Additionally, we are currently liaising with charities and organizations that specialize in special needs and offer advice on how to design our products for greater accessibility.  

I recently received a wonderful reference from a highly regarded Professor at the University of St Martins, London UK:

“Ian is the most successful person I know.  I am envious of his intelligence, forward thinking, energy, dedication, persistence, ability to talk to anyone, and his ambition – and he does all this without being an irritant; like so many I could mention.”

Quite the testimonial, no?

It is now time to enjoy working with like minded people. I would love to hear from any one who are seeking EdTech with purpose and have stories to share.

Kind regards,



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