At the heart of my business lies a fierce and uncompromising commitment to quality, and the art of photography, film, creative technology, policy and culture became my arena. This is why I have spent that past three years redeveloping my business strategy and taking on a few new and wonderfully challenging roles along the way. Providing a support for the finer end of production both in creating a new a niche collection of clients, lecturing in universities; and retuning to to my family’s history, cultivating the earth for locally farmed and produced food.

My new plan stared as an idea, off the back of my former studio facility in the North West of England to document the growth of diversification of farming and smallholding through digital methods.  Both at home in the UK and overseas. Since the results of the referendum in 2016, my question – that is yet to be answered, is how will we see our landscape change? How it will effect both our rural and cityscapes? And, how our food will be produced and sold in an ecological and sustainable way? I am constantly seeing out new stories and new people to work with, new skills to develop and ultimately use to further my family’s needs. The relationship between the county of Derbyshire and farming is important to me as many tries and tribulations can be removed from the landscape if more opportunities were made available to those wishing to take on a smallholding tenancy of their own. Something that is becoming progressively rare in my home county.

This creative approach allows me to explore contemporary skills based learning and practice led methods of teaching to enforce my own experience in horticulture and apiary management.

The launch of this new family business will offer us what we have been searching for since 2013. Since our daughter’s diagnosis of High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, I could not entertain any future opportunities to engage in commercial photography. After a career that spans 2 decades, my family’s health, wellbeing and happiness come first.

The long search for a tenancy smallholding in the north of Derbyshire has pretty much become all consuming, the time I have spent funding courses and on site experience over the past four years has been everything I would have wished for, I know I have many years of honing my craft and becoming infinitely more attuned to the sustainability of local and hyper-local food production.  To one day run our own rural enterprise.

From this tenancy site – once acquired: I am also offering my 25 years of experience in the creative domain to run masterclasses and development courses for those involved in the world of Photography. To expand on your creativity and technical skills – or allow your business to grow through my consultancy and exposing your business to a much wider audience while you look after the day to day running of your enterprise.

I recently received a wonderful reference from a highly regarded Professor at the University of St Martins:

“Ian is the most successful person I know.  I am envious of his intelligence, forward thinking, energy, dedication, persistence, ability to talk to anyone, and his ambition – and he does all this without being an irritant; like so many I could mention.”

Quite the testimonial, no?

It is now time to enjoy working with like minded people. I would love to hear from any one who are producing anything with purpose and have stories of success in taking on a tenancy smallholding in the UK, also anyone in need of excellent photography to present and promote their brand. If you have any knowledge of tenancy property with ⩾10 acres that may be about to or is on the letting market; are in the market to hire a photographer and have an idea of what you want to do next, I would love to hear from you.

Kind regards,




  1. ellen

    I believe this Company is no more. The telephone number doesn’t work and no one responds to emails 😦

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