Wax on, Wax off


Good afternoon all,

I have a question to ask all whom own and somewhat cherish their cars, for those of you looking to market to sell or just get the old motor ready for winter.

Have you ever thought of having the body work brought back to showroom condition? Headlights gone misty? (an MOT Failure) Or have you had a go at waxing your car this summer and it looks like it needs doing again?

Usually it can take 3 or 4 days to get any car, classic or modern up to a standard most of us would marvel at. However there is an alternative. All work can be done in one day and if you have cover (garage) access to water and a plug socket the car doesn’t necessarily have to leave your sight.

Any of you out there connected to classic car clubs, any of you out there that need to or know of anyone trying to market a car, or those of you just wishing to have a newly detailed car then contact me. This guy is a gem and you need him in your life.

All types of cars considered, including 4×4 and even VW Campers if you are going to put them to bed for winter. Testimonials and images of recent work can be gained on request. This service is by appointment only but will not break the bank, hell if I can justify the service, anyone can.

Let me know if you need to make a booking I will pass on his details.