[Free] Keepsake. Arrives Manchester Friday 6th June 2014



Edict Magazine has arrived in Manchester.

There’s too much of everything: here’s some more.

If I sat in my room now, till the day I died, there wouldn’t be enough time to read all the books, listen to all the music and watch all the films I have.

We are at saturation point: engulfed by the deluge of EVERYTHING.

Problem is, nothing stands out anymore: it’s all become a blur: a faceless blob of over-production.

Edict Magazine is an object of printed art, a relic of the future that stands alone in it’s simplicity.

Edict is created by an editorial super-group of people that don’t NEED to make a magazine but collaborate for the pure pleasure of doing something tangible, something great and without compromise.

Each editor, respected in their own field, shares with us just one thing: a secret gem you might have missed.

In the first issue of Edict Magazine

Asif Kapadia, the BAFTA winning director of ‘Senna’  writes about Elim Klimov’s film ‘Come and See’

Karl Hyde, one half of the EDM band, ‘Underworld’ introduces us to the audio delights of ‘Efterklang’

Noted English artist, Cathie Pilkington, writes about the late artist, Morton Bartlett’s work.

Warren Ellis, the graphic novelist, author and screenwriter writes around the book ‘Speculative Everything’ and smart phones.

Jamie Oliver: world famous chef, campaigner and gastronome, writes of his love for a traditional fish restaurant in the City of London called, ‘Sweetings’

Idris Elba, the Hollywood actor and DJ shares his most treasured possession

Sam Bryant, one of the world’s top makeup-artists, focuses on the beauty of red lips.

There is just one fashion story from the über-stylist Andie Redman with Edict’s Editor in Chief and contributing photographer PEROU

Each issue features Illustrations from some of the worlds most illustrious illustrators.

Every issue of Edict is carefully crafted together by the esteemed UK designers, Peter & Paul

Edict magazine will be quarterly, 10,000 copies of the first issue will be available in 9 cities across England.

Edict Magazine will be free and available in carefully selected members clubs, art galleries, boutique shops and coffee bars.

Edict is the OPPOSITE of an easily forgotten moment.

Edict is something you can hold in your hand and that you will want to keep forever.

Arriving in Manchester Friday 6th June in key sites around the city. 

Keep an eye out in BarberBarber, Lowry Hotel, a number of hospitable bars and coffee shops in the Northern Quarter.

If you own a business in the city and would like to offer free copies to your clientele – please drop me a line.

A full review will be on my blog tomorrow.

Many thanks,


Author: Ian F Simpson

Company Director, Land Rover custodian, Coppicer of trees, Bee Keeper, Pie eater