It’s a discussion that comes around every now and again and one usually born of someone else, outside the studio walls who conceives such gobshitery. Often resulting in me getting heated under the collar each time some troll jumps into the comment section of Manchester’s Twitterdome, and unilaterally asks their audience to keep it quite… Someone will inevitably fire back something to the effect of “Grow a pair and leave your real name!” and then pretty much it spirals down from there.

So to keep the fires of rumour and hearsay going just a little bit longer, but crush any un-researched and poorly connected gossip, I can officially announce today, Monday 26th November 2012 that Slaughterhouse Studios Ltd is not closing down.

When first I heard this story, it must be told, I felt rather like Morgan Freeman as he has been twice this year reported dead, both in the mainstream news and on Facebook (that well known breeding ground of the criminal and clinically insane).

All in all the only truth of the matter of major changes at the studio are that it is going to expand in the new year and may have to relocate. Still staying in the area and still delivering excellent standards of service and equipment to a growing number of national and international clients. Therefore, due to new collaborations, the growing size and scale of stills and advertising film making, it only fare to our cherished clientele and the preservation of our success that the business begin to grow after two years of finding it’s feet and looking after some huge campaign contracts throughout 2012 to grow with the demands of our clients and carry on fighting the regions corner to become as desirable as the South East as a photographic destination.

Now there are many pros and cons to having “people” out there anonymously telling stories of businesses “struggling” or “on their way out”, however, these stories are best left in the fiction department unless you hear it from the owner of said business, after all, what do you truly know?

The pros are obviously comments and even phone calls of  sensitively spoken clients and agencies that have recently heard some news. “Is it true?” “Please say it aint so..” You get the picture.

The cons are obviously detrimental to the progress of this young business, reliant on the increase of new and less established clients. Maybe this is the MO of the story teller…who can ever tell…?

So to recap. The business is growing, the clients are increasing and becoming much more regular. The links being made in overseas markets is on the up, so is the homegrown talent we have had the pleasure of seeing work here and support – it only leaves me to suggest 2013 is going to be a very fine year for Slaughterhouse Studios and one all should establish a relationship with as there is always room for more on top.

So it comes to this, is anonymity being taken too far and exploited, is this cloaking device I fully support and even make use of each month require it’s own internal guidelines – now that is Ironic.

Historically, anonymity has contributed countless biting editorials to cyberspace under millions of alias and pseudonyms. Whereas I have contributed scant few pieces using my real identity (mostly what you read on this site) instead I chose to have the freedom of expression and language – a nom de plume (which means “freedom pen” according to a kindly American Blogger).

By many estimations the internet functions as a digital mirror of the world – a microcosm comprised of pixels rather than atoms (offering much better access to boobs, waxed arses, the fabricated truth of girl/boy bands and fluffy sleeping kittens).

So fundamentally, if you wish to remain anon, then announce it virally – is what I am trying to say. Don’t tell someone in a bar or an over priced coffee shop in the Northern Quarter of Manchester only to then expect the recipient of this morsel of partial truth wrapped in an envelope of “some serious made up shit” to go no further. Gossip is a way of life for some and it’s those that often forget the route of these rumours.

And with that I shall rest and move on. I have master classes and collaborative projects to sort out for February.

Author: Ian F Simpson

Company Director, Land Rover custodian, Coppicer of trees, Bee Keeper, Pie eater