Milky, milky, milky

I was happy to see the return of Miss Layla Sailor yesterday to the studio, now regularly working in collaboration with Lisa Stannard (Designer Extraordinaire!), and as has become expected over the past 2 years, she brought some excellent new ideas which included a huge white creature who goes by the name of Milky. Each creation by Layla is copyright to her so no plagiarism you lot. Alas her work does get copied almost on a monthly basis by local and national brands. I suggest it would be cheaper to hire her rather than get some ugly law suit in future.

So keep an eye out for her work on and if you need a photographer who finds that little extra and delivers more, give her a call.

Author: Ian F Simpson

Company Director, Land Rover custodian, Coppicer of trees, Bee Keeper, Pie eater