Filling the gaps…

October already???!! where has this year gone? Far too much fun and shenanigans this summer, certainly most of it should have come with a health warning – may cause insomnia – but we survived and with that the studio is looking forward to a very busy month. That said, its been a while since anyone creative and daring enough to test out some ideas here. I for one love the change in pace and delivery during test days, its always beneficial to expand one’s techniques and equally expand one’s mind. Rather than calling and suggesting a test be a commercial shoot wrapped up in sheep’s clothing, you know who you are…..

So this ‘all points bulletin’ goes out to all you freelancing snappers who need to rid themselves of the shackles of day-to-day work and have carte blanch in either one of the studios here for either a half or full day. I have some openings on the calendar so booking would be wise. Monday to Friday only I am afraid and you will have to supply your own lights and catering, everything else in the studios are yours to use. £100 full day (08:30 – 17:00) or £50 half day (start and wrap within the times above) – cash only.

So make a call and expand your mind/portfolio/technique/knowledge etc.

The studio is wonderfully toasty warm this morning all down to the new heating system. Yes, it’s true, so much has been done to this building since 22nd March 2010, many, many 100’s of gallons of paint, rewiring, ridding the smell of a dozen years of cigarette smoke, terrible colour schemes and generally making it a cozy and welcoming place to work. However, winter was never a good time to work here due to the ‘vintage’ heating system, so after visiting a contemporary studio recently and feeling just how cold it was even in summer, the essential and over due work had to be done. So much more efficient and very effective appliances now create a warm and improved temperature even in studio 2, so no more shivering models, no more crowding around the wall heaters in down jackets each morning until the Arri’s do their job, and thankfully creating a sub tropical paradise in the badlands of Salford & Manchester. I promise that Sid nor I will be seen wandering the halls of the building in wife beater vests and knotted hankies. Now there’s a vision…

Well it has been a while since I had time to write, what with expansive plans and a very busy studio diary, I feel that I have neglected my responsibilities to exposing the highlights at Slaughterhouse Studios. After opening new client contracts, a summer of assisting in changing people’s lives and generally having a great time driving fast cars, playing with vintage Leica cameras and witnessing some of the finest photographers to come out of Manchester, it’s been a rewarding and humbling season and one that will stay with me for a very long time.

Improvements are being made in the Freelance Photographic sector on the North West, Miss Layla Sailor is now fully freelance and I for one could not be happier for her decision to immerse herself in creating some groundbreaking and cutting edge masterpieces, if only some snappers employed by certain well known fashion mags would stop plagiarising her most current of works – just give her the job people!!! Jesus H Macy, it doesn’t take much…you just pick up the phone and press those numbers on top of it in the same corresponding order as her mobile number and if she doesn’t pick up, leave a message after the beep. Simple, no?

Mr Dan Walmsley has recently become a regular face about the place, this has brought me joy and relief that after following his skilful and professional delivery of photography for some time, we finally managed to join our forces to create a fabulous campaign for a very interesting client. Since then I have had the pleasure in seeing this Gent produce some most excellent images. Anyone requiring an efficient, hard working and skilful master of the lens, then please take a look at his website and book him today.

Equally, there is Mr Rob Evans, a master of the celebrity shoot, excellent at lighting and deeply inspired by Noir, Rob’s work has transformed the more recognised faces of popular culture into sirens and heartthrobs. Now freelance, his work is taking a new direction into fashion and documentary editorial, thankfully I have had the pleasure in seeing these shoots come together with excellent results. So again, anyone in the South requiring a Photographer in the North, one who can work anywhere, then call Rob, anytime.

So here is to the progressive growth of Slaughterhouse Studios Ltd and with increasing links to the finest in the UK and wider overseas markets, major campaigns such as the new Joe Hart Head & Shoulders ambassadorship, luxury fashion goods, scientific breakthrough interventions for Palsy sufferers, fine knitwear and the odd Aston Martin convertible – 2012 is looking like a bloody good year.

Keep tabs on up and coming events throughout the year on the facebook or twitter sites (@ssltd). Film night is on the 27th this month and will prove to be a night of fright.

We look forward to hearing from all the new clients out there, and with all the regular faces in the studio already booked in this month its going to another fun time at the Slaughterhouse.



Author: Ian F Simpson

Company Director, Land Rover custodian, Coppicer of trees, Bee Keeper, Pie eater

2 thoughts on “Filling the gaps…”

  1. Morning Papa Simpson,

    Ive just read your latest blog very enjoyable, and great to hear you guys are busy and looking forward to a warm winter! Your comment about test days struck a chord with us, and made us wonder if there was an opportunity for test days aimed at businesses who wanted to work with some professionals, photographers and marketeers, to try out some new photography concepts for their businesses? I thought I would run it past you to see if you thought it might had legs and if it was worth us having a chat about working together on it as an idea. Tim and I are always trying to think of ways to bridge the gap between businesses and photographers and this could be one way?

    Let me know what you think.



    1. Good morning Gabrielle,

      I would be happy to discuss this further with you, but I have to stress, test days are only for photographers who wish to expand on their ‘non-commercial’ work, any financial gain from these days in the studio for anyone creates a commercial problem for me, ie I do not make enough money out of hiring the studio at this discounted rate for the benefit of people who mainly never return for a full day rate job. I offer this to photographers on the basis of genuine creative expression and expanding on their personal portfolio. I have strong beliefs in the benefits this offers to any commercial photographer bogged down buy the hum drum of day to day work.

      As a requirement I ask anyone using the studios for tests to sign a contract of agreement stating clearly that no commercial gain will directly be made with any of these images for the photographer or any client.

      I agree that the bridge needs building stronger between business and photography, it is business that needs to understand that Quality Photography costs money and as a young and progressive business owner myself, I have to make sure that no-one is allowed to take liberties.
      If you could email me and expand on your and Tim’s ideas with building better and much more prescribed links I would be more than happy to accommodate, as long as we all made commercial gain out of it.

      I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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