Cover shot….

ⓒ Sir Terry O’Neil 2012

The last three days of May were a personal high point and one for the studio’s archive. It is not every day any studio in Manchester can boast the company of one of the greats of British contemporary photography, nor a celebratory production of this scale.

Six months in the making, a wagon load of props, turning the studios into a well healed Knightsbridge Avenue, a boudoir full of clocks and an 80’s throwback living room, extremely glossy, bouffant and missing only a cameo from Blake Carrington. Ms Colleen Rooney was transformed into staged copies of chosen front covers of the past 80 years of Littlewoods Catalogue, celebrating each decade in style with vintage clothing and the odd hair extension or two.

Sporting looks from the 1930’s to 2000’s, each set was built at record pace between both studios, shot with unmatched pace and skill – something I haven’t witnessed for some time – on a converted RZ67 Pro2 with PhaseOne back. No raising of voices, just the cool demeanour of a master at work. Terry O’Neil created an atmosphere little seen in the studio since Perou was last here.

The three days of lighting, construction, shooting and generally having a fun time everything was completed and delivered on budget and on time. All thanks to the unmatched skills of the agency involved and the relationship they have with the studio.

Littlewoods traditionally uses another studio in Manchester, so it was especially beneficial to us that we are able to build on a relationship with the brand now they are changing where and when they create their new campaigns.

Links to see the full campaign can be found here, here and here

Terry and his team spent time extolling the virtues of the studio and very graciously expressed his admiration for the way clients and visitors are looked after here at Slaughterhouse Studios, the atmosphere created and the relaxed areas away from the studio zones are the design of someone who knows what makes the difference between an ok studio and a great studio.

Kind words indeed and a fantastic testimonial, I am sure you will agree.