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VISIONS – Creative studio photography masterclasses by Layla Sailor

How can a keen amateur photographer boost their work and stand confidently alongside professional photographers? Simply contact the studio today and join us from September 2012. Learn new skills and be inspired by our expert Photographer Layla Sailor.

Layla Sailor was born in Manchester, England. After completing a degree in photography at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2005, she has continued to combine commercial fashion photography with fine art & filmmaking, receiving an honourable mention in the 2009 IPA awards, and also being shortlisted for the 2010 RPS Genix bursary. Most recently her work was included in Showstudio’s Visions Couture exhibition at Printemps Paris.

She has run numerous seminars for Calumet and Profoto, and taught at Salford University and Stockport College, she has a unique aptitude for photography and teaching, and enjoys sharing her vast knowledge with other creatives.
Inspired by cinematography, she creates hyper-realistic, dreamlike works and is known best for her unique lighting style and love of colour.

Clients: Sassoon, BBC Television, Tony&Guy, MAC Cosmetics, Kernal Global, Oxfam, Whitney Eve, Revolution Bars, BBC, 1883 Magazine, Style Etc, Live Fast Magazine and Revs (Finland).

Exhibitions: Haceccity Project, Nouvel Organon, Paris 2012. Vision Couture, Pritemps, Paris 2012. Harris Museum (Redeye Exhibition), Noir, Lancashire 2005. Preston Art Gallery (Redeye Exhibition), Preston, 2004

Layla’s work is syndicated by Camerapress & Photovogue Art & Commerce

Dates: Begins Saturday 1st September 2012

Duration: 1 full day – 09:00 until 18:00

Location: Slaughterhouse Studios Ltd, 54-56 Oldfield Rd, Salford, Gtr Manchester, England. M5 4LZ

Course price: £250/day (inclusive of VAT)

Maximum number of places: 20

As well as providing access to a professional studio, Slaughterhouse Studios Ltd will provide all lighting equipment at each session.

How can a keen amateur photographer with an understanding of his or her equipment, and who produces consistently competent images, move their work to the next level and take pictures that will stand confidently alongside professionally taken photographs? One option is to apply to an understanding professional, offer your services and work tirelessly for a number of years as an assistant. The other is to join Layla Sailor’s Advanced Masterclass and soak up many years’ experience while working on professional assignments in a fully equipped studio.

At its core, photography is all about capturing an image with available light. Layla will train students to see the world of light and shade, control the way light falls on their subject and translate the vision into brilliant images.

For almost ten years, Layla has been immersed in the photographic industry. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject is infectious. Join her and a class of like-minded students on a unique series of masterclasses to develop the skills, vision and confidence to create a higher standard of photography with controlled light.

Course programme

All sessions will take place at Slaughterhouse Studios Ltd, 54-56 Oldfield Road, Salford, Gtr Manchester, England M5 4LZ.

The course runs from 1st September 2012, and consists of a full day session of 8 hours. All sessions will take place in the studios from 9.00am-5.00pm.

All who attend will be expected to have the use of a digital SLR camera.

The subject matter of sessions as listed below is a guide only. The exact course content will be finalised according to the experience and interests of the group.

The detail of the course content is at the discretion of the course director and Layla Sailor Masterclasses.

Saturday 1st September – Session 1

Getting to know each other and ambition of the course. Intro by Layla and all other housekeeping necessities. Ideas and demands of what each want from the course.

How to recognise and translate lighting from an image, utilising quality from a light source. Three separate groups will recreate their chosen lighting from the selection in studio and create a set in studio with a model or still life.

Every nuance of light meter readings, from different ways of measuring light to the implications of formats. Leading to the afternoon workshop – Fashion Lighting 1.

Approaching the subject in the style of and under the demands of a structured commercial shoot. The whole building will become an open studio, all will be encouraged to take their subject to create a masterly or experimental approach to lighting and styling the photograph. Understanding the importance of direction and team work.

Future dates are as follows:

7th October

24th November

16th December

Submissions and payment

Submissions can only be made electronically and should be emailed to: info@slaughterhousestudios.co.uk with reference Layla Sailor Masterclass On receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation email from the course director.

The deadline for payment of the course is 5 days before commencement of the class. T&C’s will be forwarded to all successful applicants on the day of application.

Payment methods

Cheques, BACS or electronic secured payments will be cleared 5 days before the class date to secure each applicant’s place. All payment details will be part of the T&C’s package.

Minimum equipment required                                                                                                        
Digital SLR Camera with manual setting, a standard lens, a formatted memory card and a tripod


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