new addition

I would like to introduce and welcome our newest member of the team, Natasha Dunn has been with us for the past 3 weeks and would have announced it earlier but its just been too busy this month. Natasha is working with us as part of the Kids Without Connections, an initiative in collaboration with Hazel Blears MP. Creating opportunities for all young people in Salford who do not wish to leave school and spend their life signing on. Since arriving Natasha has helped co-ordinating shoots with ITV Granada, BooHoo and a number of Sunday Newspaper supplement editorials. I have introduced her to some of the the right people to pursue her career as a theatre actress, successfully landing her first audition next week here in Manchester. Keeping everything crossed, break a leg Natasha. The pilot scheme of KWC is culminating in September with a group trip to London and a big press and publicity opportunity at the House of Commons, so expect some  feature images later this year.

Author: Ian F Simpson

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