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There comes a time in every modern business when the people running it stop, take a moment to look around, and with an increasingly critical eye on what they have created make a discovery that they have missed out on an opportunity to change something. Something that has not been too much of a priority until now. Namely – the website. I know a few of you like the web site, often most of you thought nothing much about it other than gaining contact with us here and taking the chance to see the studios and if they would be suitable for a brief.

But so much has happened here behind the scenes of Slaughterhouse Studios since we opened for business in 2010. So many talented and inspiring people have crossed the threshold and allowed us to be part of the process in delivering global campaigns, portrait series for exhibition and TV ads – to name but a few.

Needless to say, the years have been full of education, joy and pain, but for all the ups and downs, we can be secure in our conviction when we say “it has been a blast and we look forward to the future”.

So to celebrate our next chapter and extend our reach, we at the studio are happy to announce a new site, one that will cover everything we do here, all the services that can be use to take a lot of the pain away from any client brief, any project management, any production, both stills and moving image.

Anything you need doing to put a brand new production together, anything you need supplying to deliver a stills campaign or one off shoot of anyone or anything, then take a look at the new site, pick up the phone or email us any time.

We have the solution to your brief.

We look forward to your call.

Ian & Sid

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Author: Ian F Simpson

Company Director, Land Rover custodian, Coppicer of trees, Bee Keeper, Pie eater