The other 49 shades of grey..

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Well it has been a while since my last addition to the company blog and with a very busy few months in the studio and on location, its yet another rainy Monday morning that inspired me to tell the world of the fun and games we have had in the Slaughterhouse.

To have some of the greats of British photography bless us with their presence, inspirational Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes and to finally start to see the nations billboards be decorated in work done in the studio, it reminds me why we do what we do here in Manchester.

Para-Olympic Cyclist gold medalist hope Jon-Allan Butterworth, Profs Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw, Terry O’Neill, Littlewoods, BBC, ITV, FA, MUFC…the list is growing and with all the best names. The current Sky ads seen around every city street and airport lounge, broadsheet newspaper and bus shelter were also shot in my studio, particular favourites are the Victoria Pendleton (not shot in Photolink, as they would have you think), and Euan Burton (Judo), Jody Cundy (Para-Olympic Cycling) and Aaron Cook (Tae Kwon Do). Inspirational people one and all, it is not until you get to understand fully what it is to be an athlete under the scrutiny of the whole world as well as the Olympic Committee, sponsorship deals and agencies all wanting a bit of you…it’s no wonder so many of them are retiring this year.

So, this month and into the second half of the year, what’s happening out there and in here? Well Cambo have opened up a new shop in The Sharp Project, Manchester. If you are at all interested or require a new camera for interior, architectural or landscape photography, a state of the art still life table or some wonderful bits of kit that can turn any lowly 5D Mk2 into a phenomenal shift camera, then get in touch with Charles and see what he can offer you.

I also – finally – had the chance to meet Tim Bilsborough at Eposure, Manchester’s most recent business primed to expose photographers to the best and most relevant markets. The blog Tim has been writing is something I have followed for some time now and to see just how effective their business has quickly become is testament to just how important their service is to all NW Commercial Photographers. Don’t delay, sign up today –

The news about the studio here..well we have a new look website coming up soon, location photography and production facility arms of the company are coming along nicely with clients such as JCB and CAT Finnings showing great interest in working with us; a 12 month project with a very talented photographer based here in the city of Manchester is starting very soon and seeing some old faces coming back to the North, it seems that the lure of better quality of service and affordability of Manchester Studios is starting to be seen by many in London as a better way to run a business. It also proves that the service and facilities here at Slaughterhouse Studios are fitting the bill with our UK and International clients, putting Manchester on the map for bigger photographic advertising campaigns and many more high brow photographers.

Here’s to the future my friends. And hopefully some sunshine this month……

Papa x

Author: Ian F Simpson

Company Director, Land Rover custodian, Coppicer of trees, Bee Keeper, Pie eater

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