putting a bit more thought into photography, rather than just shooting girls with their asses hanging out….

Ⓒ Layla Regan/Layla Sailor 2011 (all rights reserved – copying this image is through pain of death)

For some time now, I have been following the growing talents of one young lady based up here in Manchester, not London, Paris or New York; Berlin or Amsterdam, but the style in which she executes her craft you would be mistaken for thinking that she was waking up to views of the Sacre Coeur as apposed to the stilted and uninspiring towers of a city so many people consider a barren wasteland of talentless autonomous fools.

Layla “Sailor” Regan is just that person bucking those trends. She has no portfolio crammed with images of posturing Footballers or tenuous Pop Stars precariously holding on to what credibility they may have left, legs open wide, a suggestion of naked breast and/or a toned six pack…no – none of that will you find in her book. [Thankfully]

Layla’s story is as varied as her work, finding inspiration from classic French artists to obscure 1930’s Russian and Japanese film makers. Her photographic skills rise to each challenge she sets herself – as yet no one has given her something she could not deal with in her own inimitable way. Recently she has been entertaining the West Coast American client Whitney Eve, you can see her current jewellery campaign, all of which was shot by Layla, not the usual key light, still life, black drape cliche here. [again, thankfully]

It is her own work that she toils over and fights with on a regular monthly basis here at the Slaughterhouse that really gets her noticed, last month Layla had her work exhibited in Paris and has been contacted by numerous glossy fashion tomes from around the world.

Great things are destined to happen to this young and talented girl from the north.

Your support and interest is welcome.

She will be doing a lot more here at the studio very soon, more news to follow….


Layla Sailor


Layla Sailor