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A busy weekend….

The beginning of any month is a busy time in the studio, but never has that been so apparent until now.

With the Focus show on at the NEC from Sunday until Thursday, I foresee a lot of hype around new shiny kit for those of you who get a little bit misty over this kind of thing. Personally I would be going to see a few superstars of the world of Photography.

First port of call for anyone has t be our favourite photographer and self confessed TV Glitch, Perou. He is going to be there on Sunday and Monday I am led to believe.

Secondly, you all need to make a trail to the PhaseOne stand and see their new video shot in my studio while Nathan Damour shot a fashion editorial for Professional Photography Magazine last month in the new IQ180 camera. Believe the hype, it really is that good.

And finally, if you are in any way interested in a world wide recognised brand that comes from a small village not 20 miles from my studio, has born the brunt of many bust economies and is now looking forward to introducing new technologies in analogue photography, take a look at the Ilford stand, you may on closer inspection see some work being shot in my studio with Pete Defty as part of a collaborative portrait project here.

So show some support for photographers as much as the brands exhibiting at the show this year. It proves to be a good year for us all.

But for those who are no anywhere near Birmingham, enjoy the weekend. It is headlong into Spring now, the evenings are getting longer, the mornings are catching me off guard as its first light before my alarm now, so I expect a whole world of colour over the coming weeks.

I have a lot to share with you this month, new events, new dates for your diary, and new and exciting projects and developments you can all benefit from. All this to follow (mainly as it’s so damned busy here today).

Papa x


Shooting fashion with the IQ180 at Slaughterhouse Studios