© Layla Sailor – 2012

Valentines day. A Hallmark holiday, a total waste of time, a chance for many to financially exploit the weak willed or just a very old fashioned way of spending time to tell someone your genuine feelings towards them in protected anonymity. Well either way, it is very rare to find anyone going out of their way to save month during this season of gouging people’s pockets.

The Directors of Slaughterhouse Studios have been known for some time now to hold each and every one of their clients in high regard, so to spread the love even further, they are offering throughout February an agreeable preferred rate of studio hire for the whole ground or upper floor studio.

All terms and conditions apply and are available on booking – this offer is only valid up to 29th February.

So do something right for those you love and save some money for a change.

This all inclusive deal is £300/day (a considerable saving and we swallow the VAT)

Call today to make a booking, we appreciate you may be busy tomorrow.

Papa X

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