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Kokoshnik & Matroyska shots published on Vogue Italia PhotoVogue last month!

Thanks to the always amazing Lisa Stannard and the rest of the team for making this shoot such a success!!

Concept & Art Direction – Layla Sailor & Lisa Stannard
Makeup & hair – Sarah Morten & Rebecca Anderton
Models – Ruby & Martha

Shot at Slaughterhouse Studios

three things that make me happy….

Three great things have happened today.

© Pete Defty – 2011

I have just had word that our very own Layla Sailor is exhibiting in Le Printemps, Paris as part of a Nick Knight exhibition. So if you are or you find yourself in this incredible city take time to pop along and see the show, its on until 24th March and if you are there from 21st – 23rd, you may even get chance to see her there. We at Slaughterhouse Studios could not be more proud of our Layla. She is a great talent and one that should be exploited (for money). Recognition like this from our peers, contemporaries and our mentors is a wonderful feeling. One that I hope you all get to feel at least once this year. it gives one that well needed shot in the arm to carry one creating some wonderful creative, outward looking work.

Cast your mind back to the lighter months of last Summer, after a series of long telephone conversations and the odd trip over the Pennines, Mr. Pete Defty and I began to talk about installing his most recent purchase. The camera in situ was something to behold. Just short of 100 years old, standing proudly on it’s purpose built hydraulic platform and fitted with it’s own 700mm or 640mm portrait lens (!). It produces the finest, most delicate images from something that requires two people to operate and appears quite brutish and clumsy in comparison to say a Hasselblad or Phase One camera. So, in October 2011, The Outlaw Project began in ernest. Initially relying on friends and fellow photographers; artists, musicians and theatre directors, a growing body of work is slowly coming together. Now with the support of Ilford Photo, Deardorff & Sons Inc, Process Supplies Ltd, Robin Bell and Richard Freestone at 139 Printroom the series of portrait sittings can increase. More details of the progress and process will follow so keep watching for the next chapter…All images are not for taking, grabbing, stealing, Facebooking, in fact any kind of removal of these images and using them to promote anything is deemed as theft of the highest order and will be dealt with in the firmest of ways. You have been told! (Jana, Jonathan and Kat – you will be receiving your digi files soon)

And finally, its always a day of nostalgia on one’s anniversary so to cast my own mind back five years and remind myself just how happy I was to meet a young vivacious girl, wait far too long to meet with her again and like some hormonal teenager, awkwardly find the words to get her to stay…fast forward five years, a wedding and two beautiful children (with the induced sleep depravation) later, I not only have a great and busy business to rattle on about, I have a wonderful wife and family to return to each evening.

Life is good.



© Layla Sailor – 2012

Valentines day. A Hallmark holiday, a total waste of time, a chance for many to financially exploit the weak willed or just a very old fashioned way of spending time to tell someone your genuine feelings towards them in protected anonymity. Well either way, it is very rare to find anyone going out of their way to save month during this season of gouging people’s pockets.

The Directors of Slaughterhouse Studios have been known for some time now to hold each and every one of their clients in high regard, so to spread the love even further, they are offering throughout February an agreeable preferred rate of studio hire for the whole ground or upper floor studio.

All terms and conditions apply and are available on booking – this offer is only valid up to 29th February.

So do something right for those you love and save some money for a change.

This all inclusive deal is £300/day (a considerable saving and we swallow the VAT)

Call today to make a booking, we appreciate you may be busy tomorrow.

Papa X