glorious sounds of my youth…

Sometimes only Siouxsie can help in the morning. So glad I have huge speakers in the studio.


tales from the riverbank…

For some time now there have been a huge number very creative people in the two fare cities of Manchester and Salford, often enjoying a moment of limelight away from the region, regularly selling their wares and expertise abroad and rarely exposing their talents here on home soil.

Until now.

It has been a long time in the making but finally the mass of talent around the studio have a chance to open their doors to the public and rightfully show off what they do.

Pop along to Sights From The Other City if you are in the area, you may be able to pick up something original for a loved one this Christmas and you will not have to endure the shuffling throng at the city wide festive market to be sold some over priced knitwear or hot wine.

I look forward to seeing over here this week.


Papa x

whiter shade of pale…


For some time now, any studio with windows and the ability to let in the light have been announcing themselves as “the only daylight studio in ….enter city here….” So here’s my “daylight studio” in Manchester.

Bookings can be made for hire by calling 0161 745 4232 or email I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Papa x

Erik Kessels (KesselsKramer, Amsterdam) | Photography in abundance
Through the digitalisation of photography and the rise of sites such as Flickr andFacebook, everyone now takes photos, and distributes and shares them with the world – the result is countless photos at our disposal. Kessels visualises ‘drowning in pictures of the experiences of others’, by printing all the images that were posted on Flickr during a 24-hour period and dumping them in the exhibition space. The end result is an overwhelming presentation of a million prints.

spectacular in its simplicity…

Edwin Land was once quoted, “Marketing is what you do when your product is no good”.

Bold words from someone who was the founder of Polaroid I hear you exclaim, but there is a vein of truth in his comment. Ok, Polaroid is known by millions and used by just as many, it has been in and out of favour by the public and the professional set. Now fashionable again, all of us wished we had kept and cherished our SX-70 or still had the attachment to the work horse Hasselblad. You will not be shocked then to hear that I too have accessed equipment older than most of the buildings in central Manchester, incredibly taking images with such clarity that standard digital platforms could only wish to achieve and with the adaptable rear of the camera offering a chance to shoot 14×17 transparency down to 5×4 transparency, polaroid or paper.

The Outlaw Project is all about people, people who have or are still making a difference in their chosen direction. If you are or know anyone of this calibre and wish to see you or them captured for prosperity with this phenomenal contraption may I suggest you contact me as soon as is humanly possible. So – actors, musicians, entertainers, photographers, film makers, scientists, circus performers, surgeons, teachers, sports men and women; even unicycling court judges – anything you think I would like to see become a legacy.

So easy it has become to plug in and snap away. A renaissance of film, chemicals, patience and skill (or alchemy) is required to see that time can slow right down and still deliver something wonderful.

So lets stop living at a million miles an hour and start looking, really looking at the world. You may just enjoy it.

Papa x


extended credit…..

At some point in any artist’s life, one hits a moment where funds are, how can I can I put this..shy.

For centuries the creative community has been pilloried and chastised for not putting money before everything, more today that is a real issue. Yet, creativity, like time has to go on. Without it we have nothing. Photography is my chosen art form, my preferred method of making pictures. This process costs money, it is costly in time, effort and by entering into this industry with either a prize fighter’s eye on the purse or with a more existential, bohemian attitude, at some point you are going to need to eat.

Since artists started to hang out in trattorias, bodegas or cafe’s around the world, they have found a synthesis between chef/proprietor and their own work, many ageing and smoke stained walls of eateries around Europe are still littered with objects of desire, captured moments, scenes from the turmoiled, boozed addled brains of those who once were too impoverished to afford a plate of Tapas, Chicchetti, Pinchos or Meza.

So what did they do? What would any discernible creative do in moments of need? Easy, they offered work for nourishment – commonly known as “extended credit”.

The house gets to sell the work for the cost of all the meals and ubiquitously, wine they have consumed each day they were not in their studio or darkrooms.

So to those with need of a darkroom, to those in need of a test day in studio much larger than your living room and some old bed sheet why not consider offering something lovely for me to hang on the walls and fundamentally sell for your time here? If it worked for Hemingway, Picasso and well, me. It will work for you.

So get in touch.

The images must be framed and able to be hung on arrival – (T&C’s apply)

Papa x