Calling all the heros….

ⓒ Dan Winters

Time for submissions.

Throughout the month of November, I am inviting you to submit a creative photograph of your own or something that you can signpost my way, anything that inspires you and is fitting to the open brief of “people”.

The image will be copyrighted and if I have access and knowledge of the original photographer, their website will be by-lined. I boast an average of 800 people/week looking at this blogsite now and that can only be a good thing (especially as I have been rather quite of late).

I have a lot of positive changes to announce at Slaughterhouse Studios and on Medium Rare, new articles and obviously the odd rant, so get involved and feel the love.

Oh and one last thing, if you chose to send any Hipstermatic images I shall take time in making it very clear that you know practically nothing about or how to create credible photography. If you want to live in the 80’s and live the “ironic” life, like wearing a scarf in July etc..then may I suggest you refrain from taking photographs of your shoes in a variety of trendy East End Bars, remove yourself from society and if dressing in an pseudo 80’s style be the centre of your universe, then sell your iPhone, take a 11K per annum job and let the real creative people salvage the mess you have made.

Thanks. x


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