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Prolix… Now I didn’t know what the word meant until recently, either; but it means wordy, long winded, verbose, excessively loquacious etc etc… and it’s what I am. I know this because it was suggested that I write a brief blog article at some point this year and to date, it’s looking rather slim that I will ever have any editing skills when it comes to telling stories, offering my own two pene’th worth or insights into the ferocious arena of copyright law, increasing cost of lenses and why it’s much easier and less financially painful to hire studios and equipment than it is to own it all.

So with this in mind, here goes.

Good afternoon everyone, did you miss me?  After a week away in Cornish seclusion I am back – fighting the urge to look for a quite corner to find silence and solitude. Maybe even gripping my knees and rocking slightly.

Spending this time away has allowed my mind to decant all that has filled it over the past months, chipping away the plaque of time and stress of running a virgin business in the grip of the government’s plans of all SMEs.

Still I wish to be back by the coast, the banks of the river or at the very least meandering through the ancient landscape of our sceptre’d isle’s finest countryside, with sun on my skin and bird song in my ears. It has all been rather inspiring and has allowed me to take a moment to remind myself why I am doing this and where the studio’s strengths lie.

On arriving in this distant corner of England, I was reminded of a brief section of a Norman Lewis book documenting his journey through Spain, during a conversation with a Fisherman on the growing tourism in the area, he answered: “how can anyone say, one thing that is certain. Here we have always been and here what ever happens, we shall remain. Listening to the voices of the old sea.”

His lament and powerful point hit me while staring out to the same ‘old sea’ with the sun beating down on my well cultivated ‘red neck’ tan, the waves lapping around my shins, it’s cooling embrace on this barmy July afternoon, punctuated only by the demands of my excited daughter, clad in wet suit desperate to play in the ebbing tide. I return with this image locked in my memory, a fondness and desire to return….. and steeped as I was in meat and wine, that laid me so low. I finished the day with a large glass of Rioja, in a vain attempt to burn off some of the pig that I had just eaten, much of which was still stuck in the interstices of my teeth.

So back with a bang this week. New plans, new equipment to hire, a unique piece of apparatus taking up permanent residency in the studio and some hard targets to hit.

Thank you all for your support, keep a daily eye out for offers, equipment hire, future masterclasses with Hasselblad ( and studio packages too good to miss out on.

Papa x

Author: Ian F Simpson

Company Director, Land Rover custodian, Coppicer of trees, Bee Keeper, Pie eater

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    1. The same can be said about your work Ms Yoga Mats. Thank you for managing to shoe horn Madeline Kahn into my early Monday morning is a winner in my world. Keep up the good work Linda.


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